Programs and Links


PAServes is Greater Pittsburgh’s first coordinated network of public, private, and non-profit organizations working together to serve veterans and their families.

Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania

The Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania provides essential housing, employment, and other vital supportive services to eligible veterans, service members and their families to improve self-sufficiency, sustainability and quality of life.

In order to qualify for services, you must provide proof of you or your immediate family member’s veteran status. VLP accepts the DD-214 form, VA Medical Card, or Statement of Service. If you do not have one, VLP will work with you to obtain a copy of the needed form.

Click the link below for more information: 
– Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Click the following links below for more information:
– Veterans of Foreign Wars
– Veterans Health Issues

Veteran Affairs Links

For information about Veterans Affairs and Benefits, use the following links:
– Veterans Affairs
– Research for veterans
– Local VA locator
– PA Veterans Affairs
– My Health
– Benefit Information

DoD Links

For information about each of the DoD and armed forces websites, use the following links:
– Department of Defense
– Air Force
– Army
– Navy
– Guard and Reserve
– Marine Corps


Vets4Vets is a non-partisan organization dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans to heal from the psychological injuries of war through the use of peer support.

Click the link below for more information:
– Vets4Veterans