Ryan Stocker


Research Principal
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Pittsburgh, PA


Staff Profile

Ryan Stocker was the project coordinator for the Veterans Sleep Studies until August of 2010. Ryan works part-time now assisting the Principal Investigator, Research Coordinator, and study staff. He conducts research screening evaluations and diagnostic evaluations, ensures the smooth transition of participants through the different phases of the studies, conducts phone screens, and supports administrative activities as requested by the Principal Investigator. Ryan completed his Master of Arts in Psychology at Chatham University, and is currently attending Chatham University working towards his doctoral degree in counseling psychology. He helped with the creation of the study website, and also conducts research focusing on veterans and traumatic brain injury. He will begin recruiting military veterans for his doctoral dissertation in the near future, focusing on different components of meaningfulness in life. Ryan spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps where he did 2 combat tours in Iraq.